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Guatemala has been growing coffee since the mid 1800's in the past coffee was 90% of the countrys trade. Today it is still a vitally significant export and, just as importantly, a significant source of pride for the country as a whole.

We're sorry but we're currently out of stock of the Guatemala for the moment. Check back soon, sign up to our mailing list for updates on what we have in stock or maybe try another one of our delicious coffees in the meantime.

Sone of the most prestigious and varied coffee growing regions in the world boasting some of the worlds most boutique coffees and setters of record prices.

According to ANACAFE the soil types found in this central american coffee is so rare less than 2% of the earth soil has such a mix of volcanic / vegetation silt. Add to this classic heirloom varietals rubbing shoulders with experimental new crops, areas that have starting altitudes that are higher than some other countries and you have a recipe for amazing things.

Here at Workhouse Coffee the Guatemalan (Guats) coffees hold a very special place in our hearts because it was here we started down the road of direct trade and involvement in the farming process of our coffees. Frustrated with the range and quality of Central American coffees available on the UK market we have made significant investment in digging deeper and finding hidden gems of coffee.

But why Guatemala?

We know what we want to do at Workhouse Coffee, experiment and develop world leading flavour potential in coffees. This may include attempting extremely difficult roasting procedures. Regrading, triple processing coffees and developing new and interesting brewing methods for coffee. Thats all well and good and it makes it easy to find direction as we know what we are trying to do. But we also have a constant feedback loop from our customers and the message we get, has been and is clear, is "we love Guatemalan coffee". As often, or more often than, any other of our offerings the Guats will sell out first and flavour profiled coffees that include Guatemala are among the most popular blends.