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Nice with or without Milk

Katana is the Japanese word for a single edged sword. The reason why we chose the name was because the backbone of this coffee is the Guatemala. It is quite balanced and smooth with a creamy texture. Katana has a lot of mouth feel and it is quite viscous and fullsome. It has a fizzy acidity with a velvety smoothness.

How can we grind it for you?

Katana - Japanese for extremely strong single edged sword.

Like the Katana blade, this coffee draws on its base for strength. The base for Katana is a single estate, single origin coffee, from one of the finest coffee growing countries in the world - Guatemala. We source our Guatemala from Antigua, one of the most celebrated regions within this country. In addition, the Katana is laced with a super sweet, super clean coffee from the Daterra farms of Brazil. These producers have pioneered processing methods in coffee and are, proud, long term partners of Workhouse. From the various lots produced from Daterra we choose one very specific coffee that we only use in the Katana. The bringing together of this vibrant, complex, juicy Guatemalan that impresses for its balance across flavour characteristics, makes for a beautifully smooth coffee, with an obvious chocolatey finish, when processed together with our sweet, soft, Brazil.

The origin is critical to the Katana. The farm choice is the result of long, careful, cupping and tasting sessions. The processing method is equally as important. What we are looking for with the Katana is to avoid that which is so common in coffees today, namely, an uneven mouth feel and body. These can be quite distracting when looking for nuances of flavour and are often accompanied by elements that are unpleasant in the after taste. So much of this is to do with the processing and the making of the coffee and not the farming of the coffee. We get around this by ensuring that we use fully washed fermentation for the Guatemala and the Brazil. This washed fermentation, followed by specific milling, ensures that we get the clean refined coffee that is necessary for the Katana profile.

So what does it taste like?

The Katana is one of our most popular coffee's. It has a full balanced body, with a hazelnut, caramel, and toffee finish. The texture is even, clean and creamy. When crafted into a milk drink, we expect this coffee to present exceptional physical characteristics, with outstanding sweetness and smooth flavour.

Often roasted fractionally darker than our single origin Guatemalan, it's a great all day drink. Perfect for people who already like single origins from Guatemala, Brazil, El Salvador, or people who like a coffee that has a really clean flavour and finish.