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Light, bright, zingy and zesty. Designed to be drunk as an espresso with sugar.

There is every chance you have never tasted anything like this. When we roast coffee we have a workhouse coffee style of roasting. Within that there are coffees that require their own philosophical approach. Superdry is one of those coffees. While we bring together outstanding coffees for this blend its more than that.

How can we grind it for you?

It's more than using a specific country's such as Ethiopia, Colombia and El Salvador it must be specific regional profiles and within that we cup blind to see which coffees finally go into this coffee. Superdry is a flagship coffee of complexity, elegance, detail and change.

So what does it taste like?

Hopefully you too feel it is a stand out flavour experience in the world of coffee. But also being lightly roasted flavours so carefully teased out it is a superb coffee for the barista or coffee professionals alike as 'making' the coffee you can do so much with the character. Try it! See what you think for yourself.

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