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Nice with Milk

Butterscotch is a blend of Brazil and Guatemala and important here is a pulped natural yellow bourbon and a washed Guatemala. Its full bodied rounded naturally sweet lots of texture and visceral tangibilty.

Showcasing the best of Brasil natural process arabica coffees with a small inclusion of a Central American coffee for dimension. Think of a piece of cake with icing and that's exactly the role the ingredients in this coffee play.

How can we grind it for you?

There is no butterscotch in this blend. But in trying to stay true to events since the first cupping of this blend there was overwhelming agreement when after tasting an experienced coffee cupper blurted out "tastes like butterscotch".

Butterscotch is a coffee that we created based on our customers preferences. For years we have observed the popularity of our micro lot brasils and this coffee showcases some of the best characteristics of Brasil.

This is a coffee story of origin and process. The vast majority of coffee in Brasil is natural process and pulp natural. In this blend we use exclusively natural process arabica coffees.Not happy to just throw a few brasils together we have then blended in a moderate acidity Central American to very happy effect.

So what does it taste like?

The Guatemala need not be overly bright and must work in harmony with the Brasils. This starts at the wet mill with specific pulping/ shorter fermentation and specific dry milling

Often we profile the Butterscotch without Guatemalan and instead produce the Competition version with El Salvador instead. Using our super juicy tiny peaberry arabicas from finca Las Delicias in El Salvador which, in our opinion, is one of the finest if not the finest coffees the manendez family produce.

What you end up with is just a lovely coffee that you can drink throughout the day and one that has the fulsome body and depth you don't always get in specialty coffee company's. Thick, heavy coffee aromas. Aromas that remind you of the step up or difference in the smell of cigarettes, to that of good cigars.

The base of this coffee is cerrado natural process arabicas only Icatu and yellow bourbons can be used. On the cupping table the naturals must display even cup profile if doing quality control and have superior sweetness to normal expectations in specialty coffee.

The Guatemalans we will be using lots we have identified that have good malic acid characteristics. Lots will come from Cobam or Atitlan regions. The El Salvador is not so gentle and is much more upfront and immediate in character to have the intensity needed in competition presentations. The right choice of lots in the blending lifts the whole Brasil base. On the cupping table look for distinctive juicy vibrant characteristics overlaying a body thick and creamy rich in those pungent coffee aromas thick and heavy.

Moist rich caramels and heavy pungent aromas, look for not detail but weight. Before you focus on sparkles of honey etc make sure the blunt robust sweet aromas are there.