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Nice with Milk

Our decaffeinated coffee is one of our top selling coffees. Oddly when we run out of coffee it tends to be one of the top coffees to not be able to keep up with. Our Decaf is processed using the genuine swiss water decafination and the blend is a combination of hand selected lots from SHG (super high grown) Guatemallan coffee and where appropriate we will work with high altitude decafinated Ethiopian coffees.

How can we grind it for you?

The use of these more rare and expensive coffees lends us to be able to develop a more complex and rich decaf coffee and the careful and unique process known as “type II” decafination uses lower temperatures which lends itself to the preservation of the coffee volatiles and delicate flavours. The flavour of this coffee is of a immediate milk chocolate with an extremely smooth and long body. Fruity acidic profiling gives way to a more rounded fulsome body and we absolutely love being able to share delicious coffee flavour with people who don’t want the caffeine effects.

So what does it taste like?

What this coffee isn’t is that classic monotone, papery or stale harsh flavour that we are all used to when we’ve tried decaffeinated coffee.