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The Don

Our former Xmas coffee is a UK exclusive to Workhouse Coffee. “The Don” is a dark roast; strong and full bodied with cherry acidity.

“The Don” is a Dominican Republic single origin coffee. Some time back we were looking for a new Columbian coffee. We always have a lot of samples of new coffees lying around, one of them being this Dominican Republic offering. Someone had insisted we try it saying “you simply must taste this coffee”. It was only later whilst reviewing Columbian choices we had made that we thought we had found “something special”. It turned out that that “something special” wasn’t a Columbian but the very Dominican Republic that we currently offer!

We're sorry but we're currently out of stock of the Don for the moment. Check back soon, sign up to our mailing list for updates on what we have in stock or maybe try another one of our delicious coffees in the meantime.

At Workhouse we go through a number of structured stages and approaches when putting our coffee together. One of those stages is where we cup coffees that we are looking for as well as throwing random coffees on to the same table just to make sure everyone is awake! One day in particular, whilst reviewing Columbian coffees as mentioned above, we threw this Dominican Republic offering into the mix. To our surprise, the Dominican was clearly the stand out offering on the table.

So what does it taste like?

“The Don” is an extremely interesting coffee. It has soft cherry fruit like flavours that are often found in the most expensive of East African coffees. What makes “The Don” unique is the lack of acidity compared with most East African coffees; it is a soft, rounded, sweet coffee with cherry notes that will make you smile. We feel absolutely privileged to offer you this exclusive coffee.

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