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Light bodied coffee with notes of strawberry jam. The natural process of this coffee brings a bright fruitiness with a fresh, floral aroma. Our Ethiopian is a great summer coffee.

Naturally processed coffees really took off in popularity in the early 2000’s. There is perhaps no country in the world, besides Brazil, that has the pedigree, the experience, and the perfect environment in certain areas, for natural processing of coffee.

How can we grind it for you?

‘Naturals’, as they are known, can be extremely labour intensive. The coffee is left in its fruit and then slowly dried over a period of time requiring expert management and constant turning on the drying patios. In addition to this the coffee millers and processors bring their own value by using preferred or unique techniques in how they dry the coffee. Every little thing done with the coffee at this stage will influence its future dynamic flavour profile.

So what does it taste like?

Yirgacheffe natural is a thick textured, raw bodied, coffee that is undeniably sweet. It has strawberry aromas mixed with heavy honey dew - a flavour profile that works undeniably well in filter coffees, is distinctive and unique in espresso, and surprisingly pleasant in cold coffees.

Natural processing allows the fruit sugars to dry and draw back towards the coffee seed. While detrimental to the clean body profile, the upside is undeniable body and texture. When made right, Yirgacheffe natural is one of the richest and most distinctive flavour profiles in the world.