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Ned Kelly

This coffee is perfect if you drink coffee with milk

1576 is the first coffee blend we developed. This coffee is perfect if you drink coffee with milk. Yes alot of people drink this black or as a filter. But this is a personal preference and we do not expect people to enjoy this coffee at its best if not drinking white coffees

How can we grind it for you?

The coffee is a Brazilian (pulp natural & washed) base with some of our favourite farms being used with two different types of process used. Pulp natural Brasils for weight and body. Fully washed Brasil for even smooth flavour. Building into this is the largest single origin, single estate component Colombian. None of the coffee in this blend is commercial coffee it is all specialty grade but the Colombian is produced in Huila by some of the finest coffee producers in the world.

So what does it taste like?

The name of the blend has been expanded to include the descriptor 'Ned Kelly' this is to reflect a change we made a few years ago. Over the years our coffees have undergone constant development/refinement. It got to the stagewhere the 1576 blend was looking a little flat compared to our powerhouse single origins. To remedy this we slotted a Brasil portion 'out' and slotted in a seasonal AA Kenyan that makes the blend that much more refined.

Guatemala/El Salvador tuning fork. We won't go into this much but no one can deny the complexity and extra dimension you get from these coffees. If we are looking to continue the flavour but make it more creamy then we will increase the Guatemala. If zest and verve is in order perhaps a cheeky Peaberrys coffee from El Salvador. The history of 1576 goes back to 2006 when we reflected on 'what's the ideal coffee flavour profile for drinking with milk?'. It is actually a bit of a nightmare to build as we didn't consider the amount of time it takes to fuss over a coffee that can have up to 6 different farms in it. Then roasting the different origins where needed to their own profile. If you love this coffee don't worry you're in good company. The demand for this coffee is sometimes more than half if our coffee bags for home sales.